Hike Classification

Every PTC hike is given a classification from 1 to 4, according to the table shown below.  This is done so that hikers know what to expect in advance and are not unpleasantly surprised by a hike that turns out to be too hard (or too easy!) for their abilities and tastes.  Occasionally a hike will appear with a classification such as "1+" or "2/3," indicating either a level of difficulty judged to lie between two classes, or a hike with a short section which is more difficult than the lower class number indicated.    


Type Description
Class 1: Easy. Mostly flat with good footing.
Class 2: Intermediate. Rolling hills and some rocks on trail.
Class 3: More difficult. Steep ups and downs, trail rocky but stable.
Class 4: Most difficult. Very steep ups and downs over rocky area that might be loose.  Handholds may be needed.